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Sometimes the Craffenheim Rottweiler experience is BEST felt, seen and heard in HD video. We upload videos from time to time that showcase our dogs, their lifestyle and our beautiful country: South Africa.

For our overseas friends and owners, it is important for us to share the magic, the wonder and the beauty that is South Africa. #Proudly Craffenheim # Proudly South African

So while most of our dogs are pink papered ADRK imports from the Royal Rottweiler Kingdom of Germany (The Home of the breed); they are also proudly South African Rottweilers; living the spirit of Africa and her traditions, legends, wild life, tribes and beauty.

Enjoy the videos as most of them celebrate the spirit of South Africa as well as the spirit of the Craffenheim Rottweiler.

*The Youtube channel and the playlist below will be updated as soon as new Craffenheim Rottweiler videos are produced and uploaded*

The Craffenheim Rottweilers “Jongosi”. Our stud males: fearless and strong young warriors. Made in Europe, but made OF South Africa. We will forever be indebted to those who have trusted us with each and every one of these special males. Yaris vom Schwaiger Rathaus, Chris vom Schwaiger Rathaus, Onyx vom Weissen Schwan, Devil Earl Antonius, Fritz vom Pfeifholz, Ismar von der Crossener Ranch, Freddy vom Schwarzen Gold, Zamigo vom Schwaiger Wappen. Our JONGOSI - part of the African Rottweiler renaissance, but true to their origins, history and pedigree.

The spirit of South Africa, her people, her heroes, her heart. Proudly South African.

Yaris vom Schwaiger Rathau will be joining the Craffenheim Rottweilers, where he is co-owned by Kaleb Cohrensburg. The privilege and honor for both Retha and Jayne is huge, and the legacy of this historical bloodline and magic will be preserved, at all costs.

BH, ZTP, AD, IPO 3, gekört biz EzA
Deutscher Champion VDH
Deutscher Champion ADRK
Oberpfalzsiegersieger 2013
Deichstadtsieger 2014
Frankensieger 2014
VDH-Bundessieger 2014
Bayernsieger 2015

Craffenheim Rottweilers and Kaleb Cohrensburg (Jayne) are proud to announce that Chris vom Schwaiger Rathaus: BH, ZTP, IPO III is South Africa bound. This special son of Balou vom Norderdiek and Sofie vom Schwaiger Rathaus will soon be under African Skies.

Contrary to what some say, we do believe our Rottweilers are lions, in spirit and heart. The Mighty Mapogo ruled the Sabi Sands in the strongest coalition of male lions in history (open for debate). The six males were legendary in how they ruled and wiped out all in their path. Our Rottweiler males are our own Mapogo. This is a tribute to the Mighty Mapogo six - #Legends never die.

We are privileged to have progeny from some of the finest sires in the world. Koerung sires like Utz, Yaris, Balou, Devil, Gino and others like Hero, Wasco, Vranjo, Pascha, Tito, Burning, Danjo, Rambo. This is a small tribute to some of the 'dads' of our Craffenheim kids. **The photos and videos do NOT belong to us**

Back due to numerous requests. Watch the Craffenheim boys do what they do best: frolic on their African Farm. Devil Earl Antonius, Onyx vom Weissen Schwan and Ismar von der Crossener Ranch under African skies.

Craffenheim Rottweilers 'O' Litter. Watch this amazing litter of Onyx vom Weissen Schwan (Import Germany) and Craffenheim J-Ullah pups as they turn puppy playtime into something special and 'chaotic'.

Watch Devil Earl Antonius spend a few final and special moments with his progeny (Dam: Craffenheim Lea) before the pups leave their Craffenheim home. This is an intimate look as to what a ‘farewell’ at Craffenheim Rottweilers entails.



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