Ismar Von Der Crossener Ranch


DOB: 12/12/2013

ADRK: 124918

KUSA: ZA001485C14

SIRE: Hero von der Tonberger Hohe: DT.VDH-,DT.JGD.(ADRK)-,DT-JGD (VDH): BH, ZTP, IPO 2, VPG 1

DAM: Hera von der Crossener Ranch: Multi V1, Dt. VDH Champion; BH, ZTP, VPG 1


ED: 0 0


DNA Profiling





Ismar (Ismarus Kasparus or Ismarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) can be summed up in one word: BUSY. Ismar is the dog who spots a bird 800 meters away and then alerts everyone else to the “flying threat”. Within 30 seconds there will be a choir of Rottweiler voices all singing, barking and wailing and not one of them (except Ismar) knowing just why they are singing, barking and wailing.

Ismar is a son of Hero von der Tonberger Hohe who is perhaps one of the most influential males in recent years. Ismar’s half-brother Greif von der Crossener Ranch is the current ADRK Klub Sieger 2016, and many of Ismar’s famous siblings such as Cay and Carla von der Crossener Ranch are not only exceptional breed ambassadors in their own right, BUT are producing progeny with the same special qualities.

Temperament is something that often lacks in the breed, but within this line there is NO such problem. Like his older and full brother Cay (owned by dear friend Natasa Lukancic) Ismar is much more than a look or expression – they are high drive, athletic, focused and serious dogs.

Ismar is V rated under ADRK judge Siegmund Trebschuh, and for a young sire he is producing pups with exceptional correctness in conformation and function. He produces a type that is already easily identifiable and very pleasing.

Ismar is a true mama’s “seuna” (mama’s boy) who is also often found “assisting” or rather supervising chores around the farm. He loves the tractor, the fields, the wild life and rolling around with a huge smile on his beautiful face. His trademark move in the fields is the “kangaroo hop”.

It is a privilege to have the special boy with us, and we continue to be excited about Ismar’s future.


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