Blue von der Sherau Craffenheim


DOB: 07/05/2019

KUSA NO: ZA 001058C20

HD: A2/A2

ED: 0/0



NAD is N/M

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Blue is our blue-tiful boy from the ADRK Kennel von der Scherau in Germany.

Blue is an absolute testament to both his pedigree, and the legacy of his bloodlines. In conformation he is exceptional, with a topline and angulation that allows for incredible movement.

His sire, the incredible Vitus vom Hause Neubrand has certainly passed on many of his traits to his son.

His temperament is ideal for work and ‘play’. When he is focused and working he becomes a different dog, with his entire being focused on what his handler Duane is asking him to do. As soon as training is completed, Blue switches off and becomes a dog looking for cuddles.

This exceptional trait is something we are confident he will pass to his progeny.

Blue will soon be joining our breeding program with his 1st sired litter. (He will be completing his BH shortly)

Blue is indeed a gift to Craffenheim Rottweilers program, and we are grateful to Duane Vosloo for the training, love and for being such a good dad to Blue-tiful Blue.

Blue von der Scherau will be showing, work trialing and breeding in 2021.



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