Craffenheim Yoda


DOB: 29/12/2012

KUSA NO: ZA027181B13

SIRE: CH Devil Earl Antonius of Craffenheim: BH, GV 2013 (ADRK Judge Uwe Peterman), GV 2015 (ADRK Judge Siegmund Trebschuh) (National Sieger x2). CACIB X 5, BOB X 1

DAM: Zelda vom Calibra of Craffenheim


ED: 0 0


Yoda 9


Yoda (The muse) is an incredibly calm and peaceful daughter of CH Devil Earl Antonius and the beautiful Zelda vom Calibra. Yoda is our daily sanity amongst the regular chaos on the farm. She is incredibly peaceful and entirely at peace with life and the environment, something that she has given her pups in her first litter. She manages to raise her pups while calming all around her (other adult dogs included).

Yoda is often paired with a dog that needs a calm and peaceful “friend”. Her presence is immediately calming, and she has a super effect on dogs around her.
Yoda is a very correct female with much of mum Zelda in her (going back to grandpa Gino). Yoda’s movement and athleticism is top notch and this is certainly something we have seen in her progeny with Onyx vom Weissen Schwan. There is also incredible drive in the progeny, which is ideal.

We are incredibly happy with how this special girl has developed, and we are excited about her future progeny within our breeding program.
The beautiful Yoda is a V rated female, as per specialty Rottweiler judge, Sue Carter.

*Yoda will only be bred once annually as per ethics and ADRK standard*


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