Craffenheim Emma


DOB: 27/01/2019

KUSA NO: ZA 007524B19

MICROCHIP NO : 945000001910334

SIRE : Zamigo vom Schwaiger Wappen of Craffenheim (Yaris vom Schwaiger Rathaus CH ADRK, Koerung IPO3 Bundessieger and ADRK CH Unique von der Burg Weibertreu)

DAM : Craffenheim Kiki (Onyx vom Weissen Schwan and Uta von der Eper Dinkel)

HD : A2/A2

ED : 0/0

JLPP/NAD (Neurological) – N/N – free of all neurological genetic disorders

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Our precious Emma is a beautiful (inside and out) queen who is probably the softest in temperament of all our females. By ‘soft’ we mean, the most in tune with humans, emotions and a desire to please.

She is loving, gentle and an absolute diamond. She bonds with people quickly and is immediately able to provide a special sort of comfort and companionship. This character trait is rare, special and will in all probability be passed to her progeny.

Emma however is also capable of making “good trouble” and creating chaos when she is in the mood. She enjoys ‘birdwatching’, swimming and running wild in the fields with her nose firmly pressed to the ground on the scent of something ‘special’.


Emma is also very curious and can often be found running her own investigations on the farm, while bothering the staff and harassing our kennel manager. This nosy, busybody trait comes from her mum Kiki – who in turn got it from her mum Uta von der Eper Dinkel. No handbags are safe, no shopping bags are safe from Emma’s head and nose.

Her love of activity and the ‘great outdoors’ – definitely from grandpa Onyx ‘I was a hooligan’ vom Weissen Schwan.

Her incredible sense of smell and love of tracking scents? – Dad Zamigo vom Schwaiger Wappen 100%.

Zamigo being an exceptional male out of Yaris and Unique, who not only passes the centuries of ADRK legacy to his progeny, but imprints them. When Emma’s nose is to the ground, we see Yaris and Utz and Dandy and Amigo…and of course Zamigo.

Emma is one of those truly special females any breeder dreams of, because you know she is going to contribute to the preservation and legacy of the ADRK standard in South Africa and beyond.


Her conformation is super, and her temperament exceptional. We feel privileged to introduce this incredible girl to our breeding program, and we are confident she will be one the Craffenheim greats.


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