Craffenheim Mustang Sally


DOB: 2019/05/25

KUSA REG: ZA 07545B19

MICROCHIP:  945000001878458

SIRE: Zamigo vom Schwaiger Wappen (Yaris vom Schwaiger Rathaus CH ADRK/VDH Koerung; Bundessieger 2014; IPO3 and Unique VD Burg Weibertreu VDH/ADRK CH INTL IPO2)

DAM: Seline vom Dunvanhof of Craffenheim (Orlando vom Hause Neubrand II CH ADRK/VDH; Koerung IPO3 and Hera vom Dunvanhof Mag Test V1)

HD: A2/A2

ED: 0/0

JLPP/LEMP/NAD (Neurological) - CLEAR









Mustang Sally is as cool as her name. One of our special group of girls who carry centuries old lines within her, passing the very best of these traits to progeny. Sally is a “people” girl, who loves company. Hugs, cuddles, kisses and attention = a happy Mustang Sally.

She is incredibly stable in temperament, yet has a drive that defines her pedigree. Sally is what we often call, the “perfect companion” Rottweiler.  Sally is a girl with a huge heart and beautiful spirit. The type of girl visitors to the farm are always in awe of; due to her personality and desire to socialize.

Sally (surprisingly) is also an obedient girl, who truly does want to please her people (unless she sees a cat, then all bets are off and obedience disappears pretty quickly)

Sally is also our private investigator on the farm – using her nose to find everything from missing cats (easy) to empty chip packets from 1998. Treasure hunting is Sally’s sport and we think she is a World Champ.

We are thrilled that Sally will soon be having her first litter for Craffenheim, and our excitement in seeing what traits she passes is mounting.

Truly privileged to have her in the kennel, the home and in the heart.


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