Craffenheim J-Ullah


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DOB: 08/03/2011

KUSA NO: KUSA 011667B11

SIRE: Marshal vom Calibra – V Rated (100% ADRK line)

DAM: Craffenheim Pippa – V Rated


ED: 0 1



Ullah is our free spirited girl who loves the freedom of the farm. Very much like her father, the late Marshal vom Calibra of Craffenheim, Ullah can be found sitting in the back of the truck waiting for a trip or running after kennel staff as they move around the farm. Ullah has a beautiful streak of independence that she certainly passes to her progeny and we are often asked where this streak comes from. 

Ullah is a very loyal and protective girl, who showers her humans with love and affection and loves being close to her people. She has produced some exceptional progeny with Fritz vom Pfeifholz and Onyx vom Weissen Schwan. Ullah is a one of a kind when it comes to scaling fences, breaking out gates and escaping. Many times she appears, seemingly from out of nowhere to meet up with us at the dams, cattle grazing fields or swimming pools. (Then she struts around and brags in front of the other dogs boasting about her latest escape).

Ullah’s incredible daughter, Craffenheim Olivia is also with us and Olivia is following strongly in mom and grandmas tracks. 3 Generations of flower children on the farm.Ullah’s mum, Craffenheim Pippa is a retired lady on the farm now, who spends her days supervising all activities and shaking her head disapprovingly at all the other dogs (including her daughter Ullah).Ullah the traveler reminds us of a younger Pippa and we have a special place in our hearts for both retired mum Pippa and wandering daughter Ullah (and Ullah’s wandering daughter Olivia)

*Ullah is only bred once a year as per ethics and ADRK standard*


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