Craffenheim Iris


DOB: 7 April 2017

SIRE: Chris vom Schwaiger Rathaus – V IPG 3 (Balou vom Norderdiek and Sofie vom Schwaiger Rathaus)

DAM: Donna vom Calibra (Danjo von der Tonberger Hohe and Panda vom Calibra)




Our beautiful Iris is probably the closest we have had to a replica in temperament of Donna vom Calibra (her mom). Like mom Donna, Iris is always there for the FOOD. From a young pup to the beautiful girl she has grown into today – FOOD is her motivation and inspiration. From her dad Chris, she gets the confidence and temperament. Iris is definitely not a wilting flower or a ‘petite’ girl. She is always ready to embrace the day and whatever comes her way. Our Iris loves action and drama and could probably be described as the nosy neighbour around the corner who is always sticking her nose in everyone’s’ business.

We are confident that beautiful Iris is going to give so much of herself to her progeny – carrying over some of the finest genetics in German breeding.

She is an exceptional girl and we are blessed to have her in our lives. Her line to grandpa Danjo is precious, as there are not many of his line available.


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