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TITER TESTS AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA: Biogal’s Vacci-Check (Tests your dog’s antibodies for resisting Parvo, Distemper and Hepatitis) – see bottom of page for details of stockists. Please give these details to your vet if he/she is not aware of these tests and their availability in SA.

**Also available for export from suppliers below to other African countries, including Mozambique/Botswana/Namibia etc. **

Please ask your vet to order one for your pup once the pup has finished his/her last vaccination (as per Parvo and vaccination booklet from Craffenheim Rottweilers)

What Does VacciCheck® Test For?


Infectious Hepatitis (ICH)

Parvovirus (CPV)

Distemper Virus (CDV)


REMEMBER: Titer tests can also be used to avoid unnecessarily vaccinating your older dogs as well. It is far healthier to do the immunity/titer test annually BEFORE simply vaccinating your Craffenheim Rottweiler. There is no need to vaccinate IF the dogs antibodies for a specific illness e.g. Parvo, Distemper are high enough to prevent illness.

Over vaccination is now scientifically being linked to various side effects most especially with regard to immune system function – and with MOST vaccine developers admitting that their vaccines should be “effective” for periods of YEARS (not 1 year, but many – some up to 6/8) there is no need to vaccinate if the titer/antibody test indicates that your dog has sufficient protection.

Owners can vaccinate only when NEEDED according to titer test results. No more sending blood away to Ondersterpoort. The veterinary practice will be able to determine result thanks to the innovativeness of the Israeli Lab, Biogal.

ALSO NOTE: Certificates issued by your veterinarian that indicate your dog’s titer readings and protective status for various diseases are accepted as official medical documents just as a vaccination record is. I.e.: for dog shows, kennelling, boarding etc.

Craffenheim Rottweilers recommends titer testing on ALL dogs and with this new, cost effective and efficient test, that is performed by your veterinarian; you will have peace of mind – and your dog might avoid unnecessary vaccinations which benefits and contributes to his/her overall good health.

Too many vaccines when they are not needed = not good.


VacciCheck® provides semi quantitative serological results for the three core vaccines.

• Checks these three vaccines in one test in the veterinary clinic or lab.

• Supplies results within 21 minutes.

• Does not require a lab or lab technician to perform the test.

• Analysis of individual or larger amount of pets (up to 12 per analysis). • VacciCheck contains pre- diluted reagents and materials.

Is more cost effective for the vet, when compared to titer testing in a lab.

***Craffenheim Rottweilers recommends the same, as seen in our Raising Your Puppy booklet and our Parvo Booklet***

Please note some of the key recommendations and discussion points that the WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Group has recently published in the “VACCINATION GUIDELINES FOR NEW PUPPY OWNERS”:

“Core vaccines should not be given any more frequently than every three years after the 12 month booster injection following the puppy/kitten series, because the duration of immunity (DOI) is known to be many years and may be up to the lifetime of the pet.”

 “The WSAVA strongly supports the concept of the ‘annual health check’ which removes the emphasis from, and client expectation of, annual revaccination and suggests that vaccination (if required) forms only one part of an annual veterinary visit that considers the entire health and wellbeing of the individual dog.”

 “A high percentage (98%) of core puppy vaccines given between 14-16 weeks of age will provide immunity against parvovirus, distemper and adenovirus for many years, and probably for the life of the animal.”

 “The WSAVA supports the use of titre testing. This is where a small sample of blood is taken from the dog and checked for the presence of circulating antibodies. The presence of circulating antibodies indicates that the dog is immune, and revaccination (with core vaccines) is not required. You may decide to titre test before giving the 12 month booster, as this may show that boosting is unnecessary. Two new in-practice titre-testing kits are now available which will allow your vet to do a titre test very quickly, without sending the blood sample to a laboratory. Ask your vet to look into this less expensive option. One kit is called VacciCheck (Biogal Laboratories) – AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA.

Vaccination only when antibodies are no longer high enough to protect from these illnesses = Good.


Your local veterinarian can order the kits from:

Lekawi Sales and Marketing (pty) Ltd

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Contact: Karen Williams

Tel: +27 82 5770720

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