I have been feeding the Raw Prey diet to Cobalt from they day he arrived from you. After chatting to you about it I also switched my then 8 year old female to the same Raw diet. 

The results have been truly amazing. Cobalt now 2 is full of energy, has the most amazing coat, clean teeth, the freshest breath, no gas and has the most amazing muscle form at a lean 47kgs with not an ounce of body fat on him. 

The 10 year old female suffer from calcification of the joints and after a walk would limp and need to rest for days. The raw diet has changed that, she can do 3 km at her own pace with no after effects what so ever. She has a skip in her step and enjoys wrestling and taking on the youngster. Her teeth are almost perfect white again and as in most old dogs, she had the od skin growth but those two seem to be less. 

My Raw diet ratio of muscle meat/bone/organs is 80%/10%/10%. With half the organ allotment being liver, either chicken or beef/game. I base the daily intake on a complete rabbit theory if that makes sense. 

The menu includes (in the muscle meats) all fleshy meat including hearts from all animals. (excluding lamb and pork.)

Bone is self explanatory and again all types, a lot of chicken and game( I’m fortunate to have friends who hunt and waste is in abundance)

Organs comprise of kidneys, livers, lungs and green tripe.

I include a bit of oil rich fish like Mackerel from time to time and other white fish whenever possible.

I give full fat natural yoghurt twice a month and a whole raw egg (including shell) twice a week.

On the egg days I also supplement with a tablespoon of olive oil and a spoon of  Super Codlivine (the only supplement I use)

The difference is phenomenal I will never feed my dogs dry food again!!


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