Zarrose Ellen Of Craffenheim


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DOB: 08/03/2012

KUSA NO: ZA009003B12

SIRE: CH Brayan von der Alten Festung

DAM: Zarrose Berlin V rated – SA CH


ED: 0 0


Ellen 7

Ellen (Elly) has produced some of the most successful conformation puppies in our kennels history. She is a strong and hard girl with much spirit. Her children take much from her considerable bone and substance, and in combination with a male such as CH devil Earl Antonius, Ellen produces pups that are exceptional in type and form.

Ellen is a very strong athlete and has endurance for activity that not many others have. Running, spinning, trotting, leaping and rolling are all in her daily schedule and we often say she sleeps with both eyes open, just in case there is some fun to be had somewhere. Ellen continues to be an absolute gem for our kennel and as her mom and dad before her continues the famous conformation lines that appeal to many.Ellen currently has two children doing extremely well on the Cape Town show circuit, both winning classes at Specialty and All Breed shows regularly.

*Ellen is only bred once per year as per ethics and ADRK standard*


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