Felke Vom Rangau


German flag

DOB: 20/07/2014

ADRK NO: 126071

KUSA NO: ZA 001250C15

SIRE: Utz vom Hause Anin: eza biz gekrt (lifelong Koerung) BH, AD, ZTP, VPG 3, ADRK KLUBSIEGER 2009

DAM: Romina vom Rangau: V rated, BH, AD, ZTP, IPO 1

HD: A2 A2

ED: 1 0



Felke (Pfffty spitting cobra) vom Rangau is full litter sibling to Franca vom Rangau. Beautiful Felke is a feminine and athletic beauty, who has a fiery streak reserved for special occasions. She is incredibly lovable, friendly and just loves playing with fellow Rottweilers. She is fast, alert, and able to navigate corners in search operations way faster than the other dogs. Felke is a serious girl, with the most beautiful sensitive side that reflects when she is one on one with her humans.

Felke is also famous for taking a corner of Craffenheim Mieke’s tongue off during a game of Jolly Ball chasing. Our beautiful Felke carries much of her super dad and wonderful mum in equal measure and with the added blessing of having a “Mambo” free pedigree, we are extremely excited about her contribution to our breeding program and the Rottweiler in SA.


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