Donna Vom Calibra



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DOB: 15/03/2010

KUSA NO: ZA1701373C10

SIRE: Danjo von der Tonberger Hohe: Ö-KS'09 ,ES'09, DT.VDH-CH,DT.JGD.(ADRK).(VDH).-CH BJS'07,ADRK KS'08,Ö-BS'08; BH AD VPG III

DAM: Panda vom Calibra (Filou vom Rauberweg daughter)


ED: 0 0


Donna 3

Donna is a 100% ADRK lined female who has been a foundation female of our kennel for a good few years. She is from the exceptional vom Calibra Rott kennel in Hungary, where for many years outstanding ADRK lined dogs have been bred under vom Calibra kennel lines. Donna is a perfectionist, lady (except when there is food around) and exceptional mother to her pups. This diamond has looked after other females litters, and is in general a mother hen who takes NO nonsense from anyone (human or dog). Our Donna is an absolute food junkie, and every meal time is a celebration for Donna. She is always hungry, and will not hesitate to help herself if anyone leaves a plate unattended.

Donna’s dad and mom come from some of the oldest lines in Germany and her heritage is something she definitely passes over to her pups in terms of temperament and type. Donna looks very much like her famous father, Danjo von der Tonberger Hohe.Donna will always be a legend in the Craffenheim kennel and her contribution will always be celebrated. Our Donna is a diamond among diamonds.

*Donna is only bred once annually as per ethics and ADRK standard*


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