Craffenheim Lea


DOB: 17/06/2011


SIRE: CH Gino vd Somerweide

DAM: Craffenheim Gina


ED: 0 0


lea 7

Lea is a ball junkie of the highest caliber, the undisputed queen of ball games and of ball stealing. Even when she has a litter of pups, there will always be a ball in her mouth. One of Lea’s other favorite pastimes is mud bathing (with a ball). If there is a puddle of muddy water, she will be in it, wallowing like a princess.

Lea is a wonderful ‘peoples’ dog and has an incredible temperament that she gives her progeny as well. As well as being one of our senior girls (almost a head girl), Lea is also a mother hen to younger dogs and is often seen teaching them manners and advanced dog etiquette.

Lea’s contribution to our breeding program has been huge, and she is one of our kennel stars. (Lea and her balls are one of the sights to be seen when visiting our kennel).

Lea’s dad is a SA Champion and wonderful producer and her mum Gina was one of our finest females out of Marshal vom Calibra and the special Craffenheim Queeny.

*Lea is bred only once per year as per ethics and ADRK standard*


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