Craffenheim Cim


DOB: 24 September 2016

KUSA NO: ZA 003113B17

SIRE: Ismar von der Crossener Ranch of Craffenheim (Hero von der Tonberger Hohe/Hera von der Crossener Ranch)

DAM: Lana von der Tonberger Hohe of Craffenheim (Harry von den Sachsenburg/Cim von der Tonberger Hohe)

HD: A2/A1

ED: 1/1


DSC 0659 001 Medium

Our beautiful Cim is one of the females who literally is her mother’s daughter. Dad Ismar is present in Cim’s larger than life personality, BUT her mum Lana is responsible for 80% of Cim’s character, athleticism and absolute obsession with balls. She also LOOKS a whole lot like her beautiful mother.

Cim is a very busy female (very very very busy) and is most often found exploring, running, digging, tracking birds, finding buried treasures and attempting to STEAL anything that looks like a ball from the other dogs on the farm. We are certain that Cim is going to reproduce herself in her puppies (just as her mum Lana did in her)

With 2x Cim von Tonberger Hohe in her pedigree, OUR Cim is very much like her grandma on mum’s side, and great grandma on dad’s side. Cim (the original) was an exceptional female, who always produced of herself, no matter the sire. A strong, solid and balanced female; she had the character to match the conformation – evident in her children and grandchildren.

We are confident that our busybody Cim will live up the originals Cim’s outstanding legacy within the breed, and continue to carry the fine characteristics through the next generations.

We are incredibly excited to see what our ball of fire produces – but already guaranteed that ALL of her children will be ball mad (Good luck to all future new owners J


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